Looking for books covering advanced raising and overall hammer techniques

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I'm looking for suggestions for books covering raising and advanced hammering techniques.  I already have techniques of the medieval armourer, and the armorer and his craft, just wondering if anyone knows of anything more extensive.  I'm sure there is a bunch of stuff online, I simply prefer to have my information sources readable on paper to keep in a library for reference later.

Any suggestions would be most appreciative!  :33

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Laeraor, I don't know of any books which show "advanced," but the latest ABANA magazines show some interesting chased work. The "Hammer's Blow" has a good article by Tom Latané on 'solid chasing'. The "Anvil's Ring" Vol 45, No 2, features "Douglas Pryor, Chasing Artist," 8 pages with photos. This is not necessarily a how-to piece but rather Pryor's description of his journey into sheet metal, bossing up, and chasing. These articles should be helpful in your quest.

I have sent in these cruciform stirrup photos before on another thread, but they are worth repeating. These early stirrups I believe were made in Mexico perhaps by Spanish trained artisans. The chased work is on wrought iron thicker than sheet metal and includes carefully placed openwork. The eight small corneer globes and shell ornaments are of silver.




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