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Hi 58er.  That comb over is probably his "gathering unit" for his mystical powers...  most people call them a tin-foil hat.  Not sure why...:D

22 hours ago, 58er said:


Made die of roughed out face. 

Will make new die with smaller nose and no eyes. 


  Would it be possible for you to post a picture of your die that you made?  I confess I know nothing of this and am very interested in it.  Im aware of dies used in industry and mfg but not this purpose.   Is this for producing them faster/easier for sale?  Do you hammer or press your die into your material and then finish it by hand?  Is your aim to have the die produce a detailed finished wizard/whatever?  Sorry for so many questions at once but Im very interested.  And if it's common knowledge my ears are burning already :angry:.

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New die. 

Didnt put eyes in this one. 

Hood better. Wife said I should have turned it into an animal head. She's right. ( as always. Hehe)

little better on the general shape , cheek bones , and eyes. But still not very happy with it. Also. Don't like nostrils. Need to pull outer nose down and over nostril hole. He looks kinda like a monkey man. Will try again tomorrow. 






No debt 

I will post a picture of die tomorrow. They are nothing special. Made with metabo and die grinder. Only take half hour or so. 

I do them to save time and put them in my hyd. Press. Prob won't produce for sale. Once I get them to a point I'm happy with I usually get bored and move on to next design.

questions are always welcome. 

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