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Mystery steel… gotta love it.

Today I decided to make a “hoop” to hang a very large caldron. I had a half circle ½ inch round bar that would fit the bill so I began drawing out the ends and putting hooks on them. I finished the first one and quenched it in water so I could work on the other. While drawing the second end a piece of the first snapped off.

I thought ok high carbon spring steel that doesn’t like water quench. I reformed the end and let both cool in air. I then began to heat the center with both ends up, planing to swage a hump for the chain and when the metal got to orange heat it fell apart.

A spark test showed it is high carbon steel and it has a very fine grain and rings like a bell.

Any ideas? Never had metal just fall apart while heating it.









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Yup, use mild steel..  Save that for other projects..   I will be putting out a  "How to" video on figuring out mystery metal and how to use it but it's not going to be ready till mid summer.. 

Ideally you need to figure out what metal it is before you use it..   without testing it myself and not knowing what temp you forged/bent it at from your description, I'd guess it's an air hardening steel..  

Looks like a spring from an old hay rake.. 

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