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Attention all I.F.I. Tech & Metallurgy fans


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Awesome!  :::     i.f.i. technology and metallurgy fans,

Great news! super hard windows are on the way and coming to, among other uses, a space ship located near you!

Very hard boron nitride has been known for a long time and is prominent in industry.

Dr. Moriyasa Nishiyama, his associates, and some equally brilliant German scientists have, together, fashioned CUBIC boron nitride crystals.

This particular crystal form is much harder than standard run of the mill boron nitride. (which is nothing to sneeze at, itself.)

Boron nitride is almost as hard as diamond, but it can withstand temperatures way hotter than diamond.

I know enthusiasts, the suspense has been building and is probably almost overbearing. So here goes,


Tell all your friends that you saw it here in this sub-forum.

Regards to all.


p.s   if you turn the house thermostat up to 1,560 degrees F. your wife's diamond ring will turn into very expensive carbon dioxide. Don't do it.

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Doggon you Slag, ANOTHER really interesting bit of reading! Good thing I didn't have anything important planned today. I haven't checked it but I was told the clear panel in the front door of our Jotul wood stove is ceramic the same or similar to the windows in the space shuttle. The stove window is rated to take a bucket of ice water at 1,600f and it's plenty strong enough to take being banged on by logs and fire tools. 

Once we have 156,000 atmosphere presses we can buy clear wood stoves. Of course when a house burns down the only thing left will be the windows and wood stove. Wood stoves are often the only thing intact in homes burned to the ground.

Frosty The Lucky.

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I've wanted some boron nitride for burner nozzle coating for awhile.  I suppose this cubic silicon nitride would be ok.  I mean I guess I could use it for a little side view forge window.  


"Cubic silicon nitride is transparent and stable up to 1400 degrees Celsius." 

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