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Newest Project - Axle Shaft tongs?


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I've got one post showing my first pair of tongs, they are...meh.  Started practicing a bit more based on the feedback and hammered out a really weak pair just for picking up 1/4" rivet stock and other small stuff.  Newest one I decided to move with...Tongs for sections of Axle shaft.  I work in an auto shop there is A LOT of free scrap (axles, springs, bolts you name it)  I have a big shaft from a truck I plan on using to make hardy tools and possibly hammer heads, I am using 3/4" stock for the new tongs, using feedback from my first posts on the forums about my anvil, tongs, and whatever other knowledge I feel like I've made good progress in making the boss which I think is the hardest area to make properly.  If I could get some more tips/feedback on the newer ones, I have tonight in a few hours forged out 1 bit for the jaw and down to the boss.  I am thinking something like a giant pair of bolt tongs. Let me know what you think I should do as far as continuing with tapers and especially the new boss.





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