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HI all, thanks for the comments. I don't really know what to say except we didn't end up using car spring for the head as it wasn't thick enough so we got some steel from the local engineers and went to work. We cut the basic shape at the forge and tidied up on bench grinder at home. I would have liked it to be a bit 'smoother' but was pretty happy. With the socket the first thing we did was shape the handle and then measured it and got the pattern off the net, that was the easy part. We tried and tried but for the life of us couldn't get enough steel to form the socket, so sorry once again, as it's a replica for the wall we improvised by building them separate. Looks great but would have liked to achieved it from one piece. The shaft is 12mm rod and the handle width is 30mm, length of the cone 100mm, so if anyone has some guidance I'd be happy to try again. The rest was pretty straight forward. We're archers so the serving was easy to do, as was the splicing as we go fishing. Looks great where I have it. We've nearly completed the killing lance to accompany it, that one was a bit simpler. 

Have decided to make a flensing knife from car spring. These were used to cut the blubber from the animal, think that one could be harder and a bit beyond me but if you don't give it a go, who knows. If anyone can give me a basic 'order' that would be good. Thinking shape the tang to fit the handle, do the major bend, then form the edge and thickness, make holes for bolts, harden?

And how's this for an ugly first attempt at a set of hinges for a tool chest....







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