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Littco No. 119 Jeweler's anvil info

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Yesterday I was picking up a couple of Baldor grinders from a Craigslist ad, and when I got there the guy had a really nice shop full of good tools and amazing RC airplanes.  I noticed he had a Wilton 400S bench vise holding his cigar, and then I saw a small anvil under the bench.  I told him I'm into vises and anvils and he started chuckling.  He grabbed the anvil, wiped the dust off it, and said he picked it up years ago really cheap, and it hadn't moved since then.  He handed it to me and said "you drove a long way, call this a bonus" and gave it to me.  Talk about cool!

I did a little research and couldn't really turn up much info.  I did a rebound test with a 1" ball bearing, and it has surprisingly good rebound.  It appears to be cast steel, with a machined face.  It's supposed to weigh 8lbs, but I haven't remembered to put it on the scale (heading over to the barn to do that soon).  As best I can tell it has never been used....if nothing else, it's a cute little thing I can put next to my Baby Wilton.

I did a search here and didn't get any hits, but figured somebody has to know at least something about them...when they were made, etc.  Thoughts?







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