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How to convert line driven Little Giant 50 to motor driven

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I know someone that is considering selling his Little Giant 50. However it was originally a line driven machine, converted to a motor, which is on top. So the thing is like 8 feet tall and it won't fit in my shop. 

Does anyone know how easy it would be to get that motor on the floor so it's short enough to fit in my garage?



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I converted my 25 to a rear pulley from a center pulley drive. All that is required is replacing the shaft, and reversing the clutch fork (cut and reweld). That might be more of a project than you want, but it isnt too complicated. I had some expert help but it was a two day job.


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How good are your metal shop skills? All you need is a motor mount with enough clearance the belt can turn the flat belt pully without rubbing anything. Below is how I mounted mine. The first picture is how I got it with the motor mount it came with.

The motor plate is nothing but a flat piece of steel large enough the motor will bolt on. I cut an ear on the plate long enough to reach the main bearing caps and it's drilled to match the bolt holes. I'd have to go out and look but I didn't have to drill a hole in the hammer's frame to attach the knee braces. The pic showing the brake lever from the side is also the new motor mount. I had to replace the motor mount in the first pic. It worked but it's just so much easier to do a good job. As you can see it's not heavy steel, the knee brazes are 1" angle and 5/16" nuts and bolts.

As you can see from the picture it'd be EASY to lower the motor significantly using the same basic mount. Say just bend or weld an angle to the bolt plate so it's lower and make the braces to fit.  I also put a brake and scatter shield over the spring in case it shattered in use. The ONLY time I needed to drill the hammer frame was for the brake pivot, there just wasn't a suitable hole available.

Frosty The Lucky.


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