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Instrument wall hanger

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Instruments can be awfully expensive.  I'd wager musicians would be willing to put  a pretty large lag bolt into a stud to give some insurance that it won't fall.

My staircase banister is attached with "headless" lag bolts that switch to machine threads on the banister bracket side.  You put a couple of nuts on the machine threads that are tightened to one another so you have a temporary head to twist the lag bolt in with.  Once it's in, the banister bracket threads onto the machine threads and stops when it's snug on the wall.  It takes a little fiddling to "clock" the bracket so it's both tight and oriented properly, but once its' done, there are no exposed fasteners.

I really like your design.  I have a few guitars that aren't symmetrical so they do better with a yoke that offers a little rotation.  Most of my guitar stands use rubber tubing on the yokes.  It's available at some hardware stores and it's less work than leather.

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@rockstar.esq Thanks for the great suggestions. I decided to go with leather since it looks better than the rubber tubing. The wall bracket I put in will hold 240+ lbs; I actually did a pull-up using a dish towel hung from the hook. My banjo is sorta mid-priced but I'm not anxious to get another right now. The way the current backplate is hung, it is self centering, much the same way expensive pictures are hung. 

FWIW the next back plate will be mounted with (at least) two screws thru the plate. I'm not quite sure I have seen the mounting system you describe, but it might work for the next iteration; a pic or reference would be awesome. The next iteration is also supposed to swivel at the u-joint. I am a little unsure if I can get the tenon and drifted hole smooth enough. Maybe a black teflon washer as a spacer between the post and the u-bracket is all I'll need. 

Thanks again for the compliment and the suggestions! 


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