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made a spring fuller


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5 hours ago, bobasaurus said:

What is Progen?  Google isn't helping me here.  

Thanks for the welding tips.  That was maybe the third thing I'd ever welded.  My helmet is so dark I can't see for crap before starting, and even during the weld it's really dim.  I'm still getting used to the setup and settings on the welder.  I have a Millermatic 141, and I'm pushing it past the max rated thickness for sure.  

If you do not have an electronic mask/helmet you need to practice the" mig nod". Pivot the helmet up. Set up the workpiece, put the torch in place, holding it with both hands as described above, do a dry run, go back to the start point and nod the mask down into place. 

The golden rule of any handwork, you must be in a position to see/hear/feel what the tool is doing in order to be in control of it...forging with a hand hammer is classic...you look at the marks the hammer is making on the workpiece and not at the hammer...that way if it is hitting too hard on the left you can adjust the swing in the quarter of a second before the next strike.

In this instance contort yourself in order to be able to look at the arc and the weld bead to see what it is doing...do not be obscuring it with the back of the torch shroud....do not work in the dark!

If you do not have an electronic mask...treat yourself. They are so inexpensive these days. I have the Swedish Speedglass, which has now been taken over by 3M. My first one was well over £300 twenty five years ago...you can get serviceable ones for around £30 now.


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Today I modified my spring swage.  I broke down and put it back into the gas forge, I should have done that days ago!  Than ground the edges of the die holes with an angle grinder.  I have not tested it yet, but will tomorrow.  I want to thank you all for the advise, thank you so much,  Alan Evans, Junior Member (joke) your advise on welding is externally helpful, I too have trouble seeing and I have an electronic mask, but it's darkness is not adjustable. 


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I have done the same thing as Slag with the external light source to help. Also I don't know how old your helmet is but I was really surprised how much clearer mine was after changing the inner and outer lense covers. If it's older and they are cruddy you might want to look for replacements. 

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On 19/02/2017 at 5:29 PM, bobasaurus said:

stockmaker, that's a nice looking spring setup.  


I had some O1 laying around so I used it... I don't have access to coil springs, and ordering more traditional spring steel stock online doesn't cost any less than O1 drill rod.  At least it'll hold up.  Downside is it dents my hammer face when using it.  Maybe I'll soften up the top bar at least.  

would a plate welded to the end help the hammer face?


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