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Tongs from rebar

That Guy

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Technicus Joe (Joey Van der Steeg) has a good video on YouTube on making tongs from rr spikes. Both flat bit and bolt head tongs. I have made some from his instruction and the technique works great as he shows. The technique can be used from other stock sizes, lengths. 

Just in fun I recently made a rough pair of tongs from 5/8" rebar using a cheap ball pein hammer and a chunk of granite as an anvil. The main thing is to learn the technique, and practice it. 



Interesting hammer, tho I can't see that being comfortable to use.  

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9 hours ago, That Guy said:

Actually Daswulf you are the person who made the tongs I was referring to! The pic of the granite slab with rebar tongs is EXACTLY what I'm talking about! Any chance you could send that pic here so I can save and attempt to make a pair? 

There Is better material to work with other then rebar. But, it is very common and that's why I used it with the rock slab anvil just to say it Can be done if that's all you can scrounge.  Round or square mild steel would be just fine to use.

  Check out the videos Technicus Joe has on YouTube since he is way better at doing it then I am. I watched it several times to get the technique of making them down. After making my first ugly, barely functional pair the second came out much better as did the third. 

Also there are other sources online with step by step on that style and others. They could even be made easier but I haven't attempted the easy way yet lol. So far I haven't made any pretty tongs but they are functional. 

I will see if I can get a better picture on here this evening of those. But as I said that video is a good resource for learning how it's done. 

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Some people can get along with metal handled hammers, but to be honest most people get arthritis from them.  I know a lot of carpenters who love their big Estwing framing hammers, but I suspect that their hands and wrists would be less sore with a better wooden handled hammer, instead of the Estwing that they love...  Estwings, and most all metal handled hammers tear me up, the fiberglass handles bother me too.  After 30+ years of swinging a hammer as a carpenter, and a blacksmith, and a farrier, I am extremely picky about hammers, and especially the size, shape, and length of the handle.  When you start to notice numbness in your hand, and a chronic ache in your wrist, tendonitis in your elbow...etc...  That's not normal! You might want to rethink the metal handles on the hammers;-)  YMMV

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