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Beautiful physics in blacksmithing

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Better than a cat in a box of ping pong balls! If you used a flatter you'd see a good practical demonstration of depth of rebound in action. The thinner face of a flatter wouldn't deliver nearly the rebound energy so the show would slow right down and end quickly.

I have a couple cheap Chinese hammers I got a long time ago out in the shop, they're basically rectangular blocks of steel on handles running from 250gms to 2,000gms. Mrs. "Bob" at Bob's Closeouts in Anchorage all but gave them to me, nobody wanted the things. They have their uses occasionally. Those would do this demo much better, especially the heavy ones they're flat like they were sawn out of a block of steel and cleaned up on a grinder. 

Doing it with a range of hammer weights would also demonstrate how mass effects rebound too. Hmmmm.

Frosty The Lucky.

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