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I Forge Iron

What have I gotten into? Full obsession.


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Been hard at it fiddling around with the forge again... I think I'm on the right track here. I'm gonna need more leaf springs at this rate.

4 1/2" blade seax, carved walnut handle, full tang I finished up this morning.IMG_20170211_123513529_HDR.thumb.jpg.07756f184f07a94a640f9b90af6d43a1.jpg

3 1/2" drop point, leaving the forge marks in but took it to 1,000 grit to still shine. Casting the brass guard tomorrow, scales for the handle should be in early this week.IMG_20170211_211947609_HDR.thumb.jpg.7da38f611869e9f094df00a4460f4f3d.jpgIMG_20170211_212009713_HDR.thumb.jpg.672527eaca7355150522c57b7064360c.jpg

6" Bowie I started today. Only stock removal was cutting the tang out. Plan on leaving the forge marks in it except the edge. Getting a steel guard on this one I think.IMG_20170211_194118449_HDR.thumb.jpg.5ba5def500a2c252b5ebf58e3126955a.jpg

I sold my Jeep today, I'm debating whether I need to catch up on bills or go get one of those fancy store bought anvils with that money haha. I'm having way too much fun with this knife thing!

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You need to develop better hammer control, as Thomas points out the deep marks made by the edge of your hammer are a serious problem with a heavy use blade. Stress risers are failure initiation points. You need to dress your hammer(s) but more importantly learn to strike the stock with the FACE not the EDGES. You're holding your handle too high in relation to the anvil or tipping the hammer left or right in your hand. Buying an expensive new anvil isn't going to correct this problem.

Lastly the end of your "drop point" chopper is too acute, a long point like that is likely to snap off sooner before later. Unless you intend only low impact or soft target use.

You're coming along well, we're not trying to discourage you, you just need practice and not making blades. It's your blacksmithing skills that need work.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Yeah I know I need to work on that and I noticed it on that drop point and have been working more on hammer control and not torquing the hammer on the way down. I actually hit a little more on the top edge than anything. It's not going to be an abused knife at all so I'm not worried about the tip breaking. Mostly use it for cutting bale twine, opening boxes, that kind of stuff... No chopping, prying or anything crazy like that.

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Haha good question, Thomas, I don't see my blood line going any farther than me. Pretty convinced it's for the good of humanity... 


But yes, it is a little low for me. My cousin built it to fit him and he's got a little longer reach than I do for being the same height as I am. Picked up an old 50# anvil for $40 from an old farmer so I'm gonna go cut myself a stump and get it at the right height for me.

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