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Side blast question

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Good day all. 

I'm looking at building myself a new Forge and I am considering a side blast. Here is the style I would like to copy. Picture taken from anvil fires site. 

Does anyone here have experience with this style of Forge and could give some info. 

I main interest is blade and axe making, though currently working on honing my skills by making more tools and tongs. 

Primarily burn Charcoal due to availability. 


Mode Note: Copyrighted photo removed.

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Creature: Check out the "box of dirt" forge as seen here on Iforge. A side blast is much easier to make than a bottom blast forge. A piece of unplated metal pipe, a air source from a blow drier or potato sack bellows to something to funnel the breeze. The forge itself can be a hole in the ground, trench or dirt piled on a wooden table deep enough to prevent the table from burning. That's about it for the forge, Easy Peasy good way to kill time around a campfire.

Frosty The Lucky.

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I should have read the rules a little more closely. The picture I posted was basically a trough made of fire brick and a thin fire brick sized hole for air supply. 

I have read the box of dirt thread. But looking for something different. 

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The side blast forge has an air supply coming in from the side. Whether it is round, square, long, or just a slot, it still can work. They have used charcoal for fuel for many years and it works.

Do not try to over think simple.

You may want to read the section on solid fuel forges. It contains a lot of information. Pick and choose what will work for you. There is nothing wrong with picking a little from here and a little from there and putting them together. 

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