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Started rebuild of a "lever forge" today. That's what my hard cover, 1902 Sears, Roebuck & Co. Cat.#112 called it. Looks like their No. 24V1008 , cost $5.95 in1902!

Some one decided, years before I got it, to cut some holes in the pan sides, but other than that everything will work. I do need a 1" x 52&1/2" leather belt to make the blower turn. Does anybody have any idea where to get something like this in the USA. Will accept alternate ideas. Belt will have to lace together, the blower fully is inside a casting, no way to roll a solid belt on it.



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I have been using the belts you use to strap things (Can't remember the English word.) It CAN be put together using paper staples. I did that first but the result was rather noisy with a lot of vibrations. After that I took it off, cut the ends using a carpenetr's chisel, solidified the ends by heating them and then stiched it together pulling the thread in a figure of eight pattern to get a butt end joint. If it slips I add a coupe of drops of oil - yes it works. It sticks by smearing.  

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