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I Forge Iron

Knife 4 and 5 finished

Sk Bjorn

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I have seen blades done both ways with and without some hammer marks. your choice, I would think.  I see improvement. I'm also no knife maker and can only speak from my untrained yet knife loving opinion. keep these as is, improve on the next.  The bowie could look better with the grind cleaned up after HT. They look good IMO for 4th and 5th knives. keep at it. always work to your best before finishing them. On knives, pushing it through and thinking about it after dosnt seem to work out to the best.  Keep up the good work. just an untrained opinion.

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Used western maple for the handles  an wanted the hamer marks in but in hind sight my down fall was a time crunch  had to have the bowie done this weekend and put the handle on  right after tempering the blade and dint notice all the grind marks  but I did tell the gentleman who is getting this one that the more I make the better I will get so the first one is free  lol    but have seen a improvement in each knife I have made  .  #6 is ready for film profiling and going to bring almost to a polish then I will heat treat and temper and clean it up  before I fit the handle #7 win be à keeper when I get to it lol

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