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building a roof with metal frame and roof insulated type "attic" constructive advice


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hello, I know I should appeal to a technical, engineer, architect, surveyor or structural engineer or higher, but I should make a cost estimate what you think?


solaio 6.jpg


solaio 2.jpg

solaio 4.jpg

solaio 5.jpg




ho anche fatto i conti della massaio, in linea di massima se manca qualche cosa ti invito a sottolinearmelo
Elenco materiali:
1) N°6 pilastri esterni h= 2,80+ 3 pilastri interni 3,80 hea 120
6x2,80= 16,8 m 
3,80x3 =11,4 m
Totale 11,4+16,8 = 28,2 metri x 19,9= 561kg peso
14,02x n° 4 = 56 metri ipe 120
56x10,04 kg/m= 582,4 kg
Archerecci correnti = sezione 50x30x 1,5 mm
17 m x 14 pezzi = 238 metri
238x 4,27kg/m= 1016,26 kg
Catene di controspinta
14 metri x 4 pezzi= 48,4 metri
Profilato ad U 100x50 = 10,6 kg m
48,4x10,6 kg /m =513,04 kg
Totale kg=2672,88 kg

I also did the accounts of the steward, in principle, it lacks something I encourage you to sottolinearmelo
Materials List:
1) # 6 external pillars h = 3 2,80+ inner pillars 120 3.80 hea
6x2,80 = 16.8 m
3,80x3 = 11.4 m
Total 11.4 + 16.8 = 28.2 meters x 19.9 = 561kg weight
14,02x No. 4 = 56 meters ipe 120
56x10,04 kg / m = 582.4 kg
current Archerecci section = 50x30x 1.5 mm
17 m x 14 pieces = 238 meters
238x 4,27kg / m = 1016.26 kg
Chains of counterforce
14 meters x 4 pieces = 48.4 meters
U section 100x50 = 10.6 kg m
48,4x10,6 kg / m = 513.04 kg
Total kg = 2672.88 kg

what do you think, how you costruireste empirically, what do you think, where I went wrong thanks for your attention and technical advice



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i dscn3634-jpg.169745






the wind and thunderstorms are a problem does not snow the building is at sea level you need to rent hydraulic crane set up on a truck to hoist and lift the various materials and tools, to the jib crane you hook a special basket to perform work at height



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