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Any idea as to maker of this anvil?

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Saw this anvil while looking for one my daughter.  It's marked HGV and 1886.  I believe it is german or Austrian. It has two hardy holes.  Never seen that before. It has three handling holes as well  oh, it weighs 140 pounds. 





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Well, I'd rather not - for as is often said, the price you pay is what you think it's worth - so the sale price is what I thought it was worth....which may be much more or much less than what you think.  Besides, my wife might read this and find out!  I will say that in order to buy this I sold an extra oxy/acetylene torch set, some old engine parts, some extra tools, and a gas grill to get enough cash.  I only had $200 in what I sold,  but got a bit more than that and used all of it to buy this anvil.

Still looking for a nice 80-100 pound anvil for my daughter that she can take with her when she moves out,  but we'll certainly enjoy using this one until I find her one.

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