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List of power hammers in North America

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List of Power Hammers 12-29-16.pdf link removed

List of Available Power Hammers in North America

New & Used ... Commercial & Do It Yourself ... Mechanical & Air

As compiled by John Dittmeier, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA as of December 29, 2016 

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Would you please give a little more info on what you're looking for?  Is your list for current power hammer makers and manufacturers?  Do you want to also list power hammers which were made in this country but are no longer being made?

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I noticed the Star Hammer is not listed in the Mechanical-used vintage section.

Made in Albert Lea Mn. from 1907 thru 1911, in Waterloo from 1911 thru 1912, then in Austin Mn. thru 1926, when they moved to San Angelo Texas.

About the best source of info I know, and it isn't much, is from the book A Blacksmiths and Hammerman's Emporium, by Douglas Freund,

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There's power hammer collectors but most likely anyone Interested would be wanting to use it. Those old machines were made to last and a hundred year old power hammer in a shop isn't unheard of.


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Like I said in your thread in the tailgating section, I've never heard of or seen an Albert Lee power hammer. I would say what you have is a Star power hammer made in Albert Lea Minnesota. Unless you supply more information like pictures of the hammer, I can see your posts being removed.

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