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What is the latest Kinyon Design

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Since we have a 3 week old baby and I'm not getting any sleep I'm staying out of the smithy until I'm not a complete zombie.   Hopefully I'll either get used to no sleep or things will improve soon as I need to get things done.  In the meantime I'm researching the New Kinyon Design power hammer which hopefully I can't maim myself doing in  my sleep deprived state.

Where can I find the latest iteration of the plans and have there been any advancements recently?  Is there a PDF version?

I did see a video of a twin rod head on YouTube as opposed to the specified square run in UHMW guides.

i need to find out what equivalent parts are available over here and do a costing on it

I noticed some double hit when you stop is this common to all, what causes it and how do you resolve this?



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