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I Forge Iron

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I was able to get this 75lb Trenton Anvil off craigslist yesterday.

I kept checking the listings and noticed it had been up for only 20 minutes and called the guy and went and picked it up.

I included a photo of the Trademark and Serial # 33348 for Blackfrog if he is interested for his database (Year 1902)

This one had Heavy Forge Marks under the Heal, just like my other Trenton.

Fatfudd you are right a lot of Trentons do have the heavy Forge or Fullering marks under the heal like Arm & Hammer.

Int 2.jpg

Int 1.jpg

Int 3.jpg

Int 4.jpg

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Nice little anvil Chris. Actually Blackfrog is building the database on Trenton and Arm and Hammer anvils.

I am amused tho about folks claiming that they can tell that an anvil is an Arm and Hammer because ot the heavy forging marks under the tail. I have a number of A&H anvils and have had many more Trenton's with similar forging marks.   Yours is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. 

Thanks for sharing your anvil pictures with us and nice score!

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