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The 7th anual combo-demo at Steep Hollow Forge Bryan, Texas

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The Steep Hollow forge Combo-demo day is coming up! If any of ya'll are in the area, i highly recommend attending it! This will be my 3rd year, and it just keeps getting better and bigger.

Here is some info off of their website-

When: Saturday, February 18, 2017 at 8 AM - 5 PM
Where: Steephollow Forgeworks
      The Event is FREE to all attendees but book your classes before they fill up!

The 7th annual Combo-Demo will be February 18, 2017 at Steephollow Forgeworks in Bryan, Texas. This celebration of Blacksmithing…….a combined meeting of all the clubs in Texas and Louisiana, will feature “up and comers” and old reliable smiths. This year will feature The Austin Metal Authority with Haley Woodward and Colby Brinkman. This one-day event free-of-charge will also include an iron smelt, tailgating, vendors, live music, food, art displays, live and silent auctions. Come early or stay late. Artists are welcome to display, sell, or promote their work. The public is invited to come see what Blacksmithing is all about. Blacksmithing is not dead it’s ALIVE at Steephollow Forgeworks February 18, 2017
     An iron smelt led by Richard DelaHoussaye from Louisiana will begin on Friday with the construction of the furnace. The smelt will be scheduled to be finished by 4pm Saturday. If you would like to be involved, just let us know.
     Vendors like James Johnson with Anyang power hammers will have one of his hammers available for a test drive (he is also a Chili Forge dealer) and Richard Epting- knife maker.
There will be a large amount of used blacksmithing equipment available by dealers from Austin and Kansas. There will be dozens anvils and vices, hundreds of tongs and hardy tools, and several mechanical hammers. Forges and blowers, swage blocks and hammers. 

All-Day Demonstrations

  • Haley Woodward-Demo-Artist-Professor Austin Community College- Austin Metal Authority- ABANA
  • Colby Brinkman-Artist- ABANA- Austin,Tx
  • Evan Wilson-Artist-Community Village, Austin, Tx
  • Tim Shaffer-Artist- Austin,Tx
  • John McGee-Artist- HABA, ABANA. Bryan,Tx
  • Bill Moffet- Demo- Rose Hill, Kansas
  • Richard DelaHoussaye- Iron Smelt- Louisiana Metalsmiths Asso. Carencro, La.

Artist Gallery

    Metals artists are welcome to participate by bringing their artwork for exhibition!  Some of our exhibitors include:
Ziwa Forge
K Alexander
Suraiya Howerter

Competition Item

    This year’s competition item is a "belt buckle". Start now and create your masterpiece! Enter it before noon February 18th at Steephollow Forgeworks. This friendly competition is always incredible for its varied entries. The winner will be crowned “The Best of the Best (for one year)."
See yall there!
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On ‎2‎/‎14‎/‎2017 at 9:34 AM, RaggedEarth said:

I will be going, I will be there with some o the other smiths from Pioneer Farms!

Cool man, you going to be there Friday also? I'll be there all day Friday and Saturday. Not sure what ill be wearing, was going to wear my alec steele shirt if it got here in time, but not sure that it will. the name Is Mark. Ill be entering a buckle into the competition, and some pieces into the live and silent auctions. Just look for the kid in this video (me).

See you there!


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It was a great event, seems to get better each year. Had some amazing experiences, played under a 250 Nazel power hammer, 25lb little giant, met some smiths (Lyle Wynn, Stan Bryant, and some other guys) traded a plant hanger for a pair of tongs with Stan, bought a bunch of stuff, had some exposure by entering some pieces into the silent auction, and the competition, and learned a ton. Friday was almost better i would say. there was less people, but the people there were the more "prominent" smiths, and so i had some good conversations.


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