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34 minutes ago, Marc1 said:

Now to my question ... is it safe to use a 5" grinder with a 9" grinder wheel? :)

Yes, it is: just not for the user, any bystanders, anyone or anything within a fifty-foot radius, or the psychological wellbeing of anyone who suggests such a thing on IFI!

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1 hour ago, Marc1 said:
is it safe to use a 5" grinder with a 9" grinder wheel?

Sarcasm to follow:

Yes, it could be safe, but only if no electric was involved, and the safety guards remain in place.

Suggest you cut the electric plug off the grinder before installing the 9 inch wheel.

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Yes, way to go, we can all lough about ourselves.

However and sadly, my question even when intentionally stupid did happen to a friend of mine.

He bought an old property and the entrance porch floorboards needed a bit of a sanding. Being a newcomer to "renovations" and since his toolbox consisted of one ancient 4" angle grinder, he thought to use it to sand the little 3' x 6' entrance. So far so good, but he also decided to do the job quicker so he fitted a 5" grinding (yes not sanding, grinding) disk and removed the guard to fit it.

He was crouching down sanding away when the grinder came off his hands. Being an older model it not only did not have a handle but no dead man switch either ... so it kept on going ... according to eye witness, he started screaming and jumping to get away because the grinder was running on the floor, and up the walls and up his legs and over his back and after chasing him around the small enclosure he was working it finally chewed up the cable and died. He did not die but had extensive grinding mark in a dozen different places.

Moral of the story ... do not alter a power tool, don't use the wrong attachment, and don't use it for what it was not intended for. :) 

And this is the right time to tell you that I came first in the 4" belt sander racing competition sitting on a Makita, and way in front of Bosh and Metabo :) 

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As a noob so fresh I've I'm still fighting fire management mostly I'm taking right now. But coming from a music background part of learning for me is teaching.  so hopefully I can give back in some way soon. As far as the layout it's only wonky to the gimme gimme bracket who's computer savvy consists of YouTube  and FB. Except the search :-) but frosty among others warned me about that during my first post so. Thank you admin for the dedication that keeps ifi  available to a Joe like me trying to learn . And as far as ye olde curmudgeon go, try working some of the jobs I've been "blessed " to pay bills with, and sorry to say man up. Rant over. 

be careful when baiting bears



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