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Book recommendation needed


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I've been buying a few books to fill out some empty areas in the library of the museum I do some volunteering for.  The museum is oriented toward agricultural history...mostly 40's and earlier but we have a pretty good smithing and mechanics work display area from the local machine/metalwork shop when it closed down.

Currently our museum library has no books at all on general smithing practice or history.  I was wondering if anyone would be willing to recommend a book or two that might be both a bit of a historical perspective of turn of the century commercial smithing and/or some basic beginners smithing lessons/advice.  Helps if the book has a lot of visual interest via pictures.  Helps even more if the book leans toward farm-oriented smithing.  We've been awarded some grants to bring in more FFA kids from local areas and if one shows interest, I'd like to be able to pull out a book to possibly spur them to dig deeper on their own or get their brain thinking they might be able to try the craft.

Books need to be easily available (preferably amazon or similar).  I'll be purchasing and donating on my dime so prefer good bang for the buck.

Thanks for any advice.  

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Practical Blacksmithing, Richardson, collection of Blacksmithing Journal articles from 1889, 1890 and 1891.

There are a number of Farm Shop textbooks out there oriented at teaching proto farmers the basics to allow them to maintain their equipment.

I have a copy of a 1913?  Popular Mechanics (?) book on smithing; I'll dig out the cites when I get home.

Are you familiar with abebooks.com?  just found  "A course of study in farm shop work for rural and village high schools 1921"

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Backyard Blacksmith, Lorelei Sims (you can get a new remaindered hardbound copy for ten dollars or less)

The Complete Modern Blacksmith, Alex. Weygers.

New Edge of the Anvil     Jack Andrews

The Complete Modern Blacksmith   Bealer

Blacksmithing Basics For The Homestead Joe DeLaRond

Practical Blacksmithing and Metalworking   Percy Blandford

Country Blacksmithing  Charles Mc.Raven



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14 hours ago, Glenn said:

Did you look at the book review section of IForgeIron?

I have but this is a little different than what one would normally buy for their own use--less instructional and more inspirational for want of a better word.  They'll never be used as smithing instruction but instead will be more about spurring the notion that it's a possibility to try--feeding the dream.

Thanks for all the responses


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"Farm Shop Practice"  Mack M. Jones copyright 1939 "This book has been prepared to meet an increasing need for a text in farm shopwork that deals simply and directly, yet comprehensively, with tools and basic tool processes..."

"Hand Forging and Wrought Iron Ornamental Work" Thomas F Googerty copyright 1911 (Popular Mechanics)

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