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I Forge Iron

Few " Almost finished " ones I have in process.


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Its been a bit since I posted my recent work here, Been busy with other stuff and whatnot, but still cranking away at learning this knifemaker thing. 


A little sheepsfoot, a Drop point, and Honestly I dont know what to call the third one, so I have taken to calling it a Hard drop point. 

All three are 5160 steel, The sheepsfoot has Bubinga scales and steel pins, the other two both have Brass bolsters and pins in the bolsters, and then Steel pins in the scales, drop point is Bubinga as well, the Hard drop point is Bocote. 

They all still have quite a bit of finishing work left to do, but in my personal opinion, they are the cleanest knives I have made to date. So it does appear that I am improving my skills to an extent. 


Did a mirror polish on the sheepsfoot, more for the fact that I wanted to give it a shot, you can see the glue on the ricasso I need to clean off on this one, then I need to finish sanding the spine so I can polish it as well, I would like it to match all the way around. 


Not sure what the little squiggly line is on the blade, It was not there when I taped it up to glue it all together, its not a scratch, and not a crack, its faint unless you hold the blade at an angle, Im going to re buff the whole knife when its ready so I suspect it will go away. 


The drop point, Cant really see it from this photo, but the bottom finger area of the spine is pretty rough still, will take a good bit of hand sanding to get it where it needs to be, I used a drum sander bit in my hand drill to shape the fingerish grooves in the brass because I couldnt shape it how I wanted on my cheapo belt sander. Needs a bit of clean up but I would have to try to mess this one up at this point. 


And another shot of the Drop point. 


The " Hard Drop point " basically this one needs all the same work the drop point does, this one the bottom spine and scales are a bit cleaner then the other, but still needs some work before calling it done. 


Overall I am pretty happy with these, I have made some really crappy stuff, and these ones look almost worth trying to sell, Spent a good amount of time figuring out a good heat treat on 5160, and have been pretty happy with the results of the steel, so now its time to make them better looking.

Thanks for looking. 


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