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Marc1 and ausfire, THANK YOU! 

I am a blessed man. I see so many men who are laying in the VA Hospital, or who are stranded in life out here alone with no support, none what so-ever,

and in many cases "NO HOPE" 

There is a saying that goes like this. "Hang onto dreams, for when dreams die, you are like a broken winged bird and cannot fly" 

Otherwise "HOPE" is valuable, and so it is also to be loved with the milk of human kindness.  

I have no problem speaking this way, my life has been spared many,many times.

How does this have anything to do with blacksmithing?

We (Brothers) come and go from "i Forge Iron" and life. Some get their feelings hurt, and some get very sick, and some die. 

You cannot forge if you are not in fairly good shape mentaly or physically. I can no longer do much over the anvil any more (being over the anvil was home to me). 

 But there are plenty of skilled and kind blacksmiths found here at "I Forge Iron" to support anyone who visits, with skill issues.

My focus is directed to the "BLACKSMITH his self!  The Blacksmith is the brains of his operation. If the brain is not working well, ....... you know what I mean!

I traveled the wonderful, and sometimes very rugged road of being a Blacksmithing for over 60 years. So I learned that many things can, and will try to derail you from this craft.

I hope in some way (and I don't know how), to be able to chat with any one who may get discouraged and needs some help to keeping their life  compass pointing toward success.

Living on the other side of the planet is no issue. because if you think about it, we are only a thought away from each other. 

The greetings you men have presented me with this morning was like sunshine to me. This old sore body was given some positive fuel by your posts.

And that is all I am talking about!  

You are doing the extended right thing (beyond your craft skills) to do as a person and as a blacksmith.

And that is what I want to encourage you to continue to do for others!  Thank YOU! 

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I just spoke with Ted by phone.  

He said THANK YOU for all your prayers and good wishes as it has made a large difference. 

He is in good spirits, and said to say Hello to the folks at IForgeIron. 

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Thank you seldom, sometime things become more complicated with health issues than the norm.

It has been a whole new challenge to keep all of the issues in balance. 

You might say; "The order of operations" have changed for me.

But one thing has not changed, and that is my hope and encouragement for all of the members on "I Forge Iron" to move forward in developing their skills

even if it is an inch at a time. 

One thing I would suggest is this: As you learn and apply each aspect of the forging skills that you acquirer by do them "Perfectly Each Time You apply it".

Do it "S L O W" but correctly at first,  so you are able to develop muscle memory, cell memory, and habit.

Slow practice is how you develop high quality neural pathways, motor neurons, and smooth, efficient technique. 

Once you’ve got the neural pathways built and your technique is smooth and efficient, you can start increasing speed while maintaining accuracy.


It is much harder to unlearn a bad practice, and then have learn to do it correctly.  

All of you have My Very Best Wishes here at I Forge Iron.


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On 3/29/2017 at 4:41 PM, Frank Turley said:

Thank You Frank

You were one of my mentors (by your example), and you did not know it.

You have forged your legacy as a teacher and mentor in the craft of Blacksmithing that is playing out at the time, and will for many years in the future.

In fact, to the degree that I believe history will include your name as one who is a “proficient blacksmith craftsman” of this extended generation.


Again Thank You!

Your Friend: Ted  Throckmorton   




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