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Hello from Michigan!


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Hey all,

I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself.  I have almost zero experience with blacksmithing, but I've been reading about it, and researching associated topics for a while now, and I think I'm close to getting some hands-on time.  Much of that research led me here, so I figured I should finally register.  I have the same user name on a few other forums...Garage Journal, Tractor By Net, etc.

I've been teaching myself to weld and fabricate for couple of years now, and got into restoring old bench vises as part of that.  That led to post vises, anvils...you get the idea.  I have a blog/forum dedicated to vise restorations with pictures and I'm adding articles to help folks do their own restorations.  It's www.mivise if you want to take a look...nothing fancy, but some decent pics and stories.

I'm actually heading out this weekend to go look at a couple of anvils, and an 8" Fisher & Norris chain drive vise which I can't wait to see in person!

Thanks for all the great info I've found here previously, and what I know I'll pick up in the future.

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