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What tool to engrave axe

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I have always found dremel engraving to be frustrating--the bit rotation requires so much steady holding and finesse that you are constantly at battle with the tool rather than accomplishing the engraving.  Others, of course, have different opinions.

If it was mine, I'd probably layer the face with duct tape, cut the openings, and sandblast the pattern into the surface with an aggressive grit. Good quality duct tape makes for a fairly good sandblast mask on hard surfaces (I've done it on stone and glass but not steel).  A lot of print shops now have vinyl cutters so you might also be able to make the mask as a CAD drawing and simply have the vinyl cut for a more detailed mask--however vinyl thickness and "stickiness" will matter.

Just an alternative 2 cents worth.

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I have done some dremmel engraving using different size cutoff wheels. I works well enough for larger more simple patterns. Just have to really take your time and watch your depth but it can be easier to control then the burr bits for the bulk of the work. 

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