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I Forge Iron

My "Art Trench"


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In addition to the historical reconstruction of the forge debris from the battlefields of the First and Second World War.
Some of my work.

At the beginning .. "coffee set": a cup, sugar bowl and spoon made of the Austro-Hungarian fuses shrapnel 80 mm, rear bullet, shrapnel Austria -
Hungarian caliber of 100 mm and the so-called "glass" or cup bullet Austro Hungarian caliber 80 mm.
Spoon is also a sliver of bullet shrapnel demolition.

And cutlery with debris: large soup spoon, fork and knife.






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Yep, that cutlery set is certainly out of the ordinary. As Thomas said, a bit grim when you think of the background, but certainly unique and very well crafted.

At our museum we have a few interesting pieces of trench art. Amazing what those guys could do with bits of brass shell casings and limited tools.

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The autumn of 1944 the Soviet offensive was directed, under the pretext of help uprising in Slovakia, right there, by the Dukla Pass.
From dawn on September 8 to November 30, 1944, this area became a place of fights and burial of about 120,000 Soviet troops and about 70,000 German soldiers.
Apart from these, there also fought Slovaks, Czechs, Ukrainians and Hungarians.
From the debris was from this valley done "Eagle Dukla"
Height 40 cm, a wingspan of 60 cm, weight 12 kilos.


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Over the night I had the thought of you doing a statue of a soldier much like that one done from scrap of the WWI soldier that was published here recently but all done from shrapnel and shell pieces like the work you have displayed---perhaps not oversized though.

Do you ever find live shells amidst the shrapnel?

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Tomas great idea with this soldier !!!!!
Think about it, thank you !!!!
I'm not moving misfires and everything that looks suspicious.
Gentlemen, thank you for your interest in what I am doing ...... because it is important for me ...... I'm doing these things debris to celebrate and give honor Soldier who fought and died, no matter from what country was not matter for which he fought, MAN COUNTS!

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