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First Batch of 2017


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Hello:  Here is the first batch that I started on the 2nd of this month..site stock mostly..various patterns and hardwoods..just plain simple stuff...some more of my "bacon and beans" blades that I can't seem to make fast enough...turned out OK if ya ask me..I am building stuff for my show season now so...still have like 8 more PW pieces to finish and then I start on welded cable and high carbon... No rest for the wicked..










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I love looking at your work. As Thelonius Monk said, "Any idiot can make the simple complicated, but it takes a genius to make the complicated simple."

(Although it is somewhat frustrating to think that I'll never make anything that beautiful.)

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 You mentioned  Thelonius Monk??   In a description  of MY work\???   Oh  man.. OH MAN... I am humbled by that comparison.. beyond belief, and   I mean by  beyond words ... (And to those who do not know WHO Thelonius Monk is...You need to expand your  knowledge base..in other words....so sad.. so sad indeed)...



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