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I Forge Iron

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Hey all,

   I've recently come across a large batch or 1.5" Malleable Iron lock-rings (nuts, threaded washers, depends who u are).

I'm wondering if anyone out there has ever worked with malleable iron before? 

I know the rough details of it, it's a white cast iron, no good, etc,etc..... but I have been able to hot-cut, bend, twist, and shape one of these as a test. I found that at anything above a dull red or maybe up to an orange shade, it seems somewhat useable, above that it can crumble under the hammer. 


Any thoughts or experience with this? I have 675+ of these... So I'm hoping to make them useful in the shop beyond their original use, which I don't need them for.

Thanks to anyone that can help!


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I haven't worked it but if you have a welder handy...Trivet is a good easy welding project if you can get it to stick 

Or.....Get fancy.  Just leave the pentagons as empty space and use the hexagons for the structure.  They get bigger with similar geometry also.


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Those are lock nuts for plumbing fittings and you might be able to sell them to a large plumbing supply house . They don't tend to weld well but machine easily enough thinking of the quantity that you have I can't think of an immediate use for them have you thought about plonking them on Craigslist or similar?

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Thanks for the replies :)

I bought the lot for $40.00, which if I had an avenue to sell them through, would make me a tidy profit.

I had considered some type of art project, or decorative venture, I'll see what happens. They'll come in here and there for the odd plumbing project or something, but not something I'd do every day.

I like the industrial wall hanging idea :)

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As a test, put them on eBay, or your local craigslist. Who knows, you may find a buyer. My supervisor buys most of our supplies for the maintenance shop off of eBay. 

Another avenue would be to call up some independent plumbers and see if they would like to buy some. The big chains buy off of contracts, but the little guys have more flexibility. They may even trade with you.

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