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can anyone explain induction heat treatment ?

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I need to harden and temper carbon steel on induction furnace.
The one i have is high frequency induction transformer.
The coil i made for it doesnt work and gets tripped indicating high frequency.

what is the diff. b/w medium fr. and high fr. inductions ?
and why does it trips ?

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22 hours ago, the iron dwarf said:

you need to match the coil to the machine, check the specifications of the machine and wind a coil to match, set the frequency to the optimum for the coil

ok let me gather information about the setup then i will get back to you.

17 hours ago, BIGGUNDOCTOR said:

Also do not touch the coil with the part.

Small parts require high frequencies, big parts lower ones.

This is the company that we got a unit from, and they are very helpful with technical questions. 

ok kind sir thank you.. will talk to them.

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