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I finally installed a wood box on our stove today, it's been in the works for way to long. I had another young guy help me on it a fair bit, it's definitely better for his help, but it's still a bit of a mess, the rest of the family seems to like it though.

Any way, see if you can spot the arc welding.





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You got it KRS, not while drifting but before, I overheated the bar and instead of turning the air off and letting it sit, we pulled it out and pulled it apart. 

Sadly I can't take credit for how neat most of the rivets are, my buddy did most of them.

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I do have a question though, if you had to make the leaves on the end of the 1/2x1 how would you go about it? 


How I made them is I butchered half way through from the top and forged the "leaf" from that, after I was "happy" with the leaf I bent it down and upset it under the end of the bar so that it would sit flat against the brick. I found that I was getting stress cracking around the bend though, so I tried to reinforce the back with some weld. It seems to work but I wouldn't want to do it that way again.



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