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What to save from a truck for smithing

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I have a 1999 dakota that I am parting, then going to scrap.

I was going to save the leaf springs and the torsion bars for one day when I am better at making anything.

Is there any other parts of the truck I should save?

Any ideas of what to make and what to save are appreciated.



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If the truck is complete these are the items I pulled off of cars I was stripping. 

Axles, ring and pinion gears, wheel bearings, steering; center link,steering shaft, tierod ends, pittman arm, clutch and brake pedals, springs, spring shackels, headliner bows, hood and trunklid springs, engine; valves, valve springs, oil pump shafts, head bolts, accessory brackets, pulleys for bending jigs, the body can give up sheet metal for projects, driveshaft is good tube, transmission gears and shafts, shift linkage, floor shifter, exhaust brackets, long bolts, and anything else that looked forge worthy.

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No, save the glass to use as flux when you get into smelting your own wootz. 

11 hours ago, Blister Fingers said:

What about the sway bar? That's a nice long hunk of thick round bar with a big hole punched in each end.

Sway bars make nice spring swages:


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Yep, forgot to mention the sway bars. Some are hollow nowadays.

I have saved the glass as spares for my cars. I had a bunch of Toyota truck rear windows given to me , and I thought of using them for a blasting cabinet window since they were flat.

If you need smaller rods/spring steel the rear seat frames are good.


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On 12/26/2016 at 0:08 PM, mcostello said:

In other words, Biggun You might as well save all of it except the glass. Keep it as assembled to keep the pile small. Sounds like Me, hardly scrap anything. :D

Where's the like button! Me to a tee!

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A tail light bulb, or two, a bit of wiring, and a battery will make an emergency light when the electric goes out. 

Headlight and reflector can be used for spot lighting or work area lighting in the blacksmith shop.

Radiator fan (if electric) can be used to move the air in the shop or cool the blacksmith during the summer.

Use the seats in the shop or other places. Much easier than sitting on a nail keg.

4 wheel rims stacked and welded are the right height for a table. 

Radio and speakers for use in the shop.



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