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chain falls

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Both companies have been in business for many years (Jet started out making hoists around 1958, Harrington, in 1867).  I own a used Harrington one ton lever hoist (come-along) and it's a pleasure to use.

I understand that Jet is used in an industrial setting, and thus must conform to rigorous standards.

Not quite a direct answer........

Robert Taylor


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Judson, Harrington makes really first class industrial hoists, been using them in heavy industry since 1981. They are more expensive than Jet. That said Jet is also good. The harbor freight hoists are crap. If you take their nameplate rating and cut in half, then deduct another say 15% you are probably safe.

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Thanks Jeff and everyone else.  Pretty much what I had gathered, great to get confirmation.  Harbor What?  I've been trying to block those sorry xxxxxxxx out of my life for years.  


As to come-a-longs, when I'm not smithing I build timber frame (post and beam) buildings and use LOTS of winches to assemble the things.  Lug-All cable hoists are my preferred pullers for that sort of work, but will look into Harringtons on the above recommendations.  

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Both good companies. Which is better is kind of a Ford vs Chevy type argument. Will both do the job. Thing I find concerning is on jobs I work at chain falls need to be inspected and certified as safe and usable by a competent individual.

Is really taking a big chance buying stuff like that on Craig's List. Be careful. Hope they work out ok.


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