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Hark! all I.F.I. metallurgy enthusiasts


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Greetings all metallurgy, & technology enthusiasts

This news item, just in!

Doctors Bradby, and McCulloch et al. have done it again.

They have made a new form of hexagonal crystalline diamond that is much harder than the standard cubic crystal diamond. (the one in wedding rings).

Those newly discovered crystalline diamonds were recently discovered at the sites of very violent meteor impacts.

The natural Lonsdaleite crystals will serve as a new indicator of such impacts.

Do NOT take my word for it.     Read the details in




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Undoubtedly they will be expensive at first. I say that because they will be, most likely, be patented, and, also, be the product of a patented process. Fear not. That form of diamond is very tiny. (actually the product of nanotechnology).

And the main use for them will probably be for mounting on the tip of drilling tools and cutting tools.

In other words, I do not think that they will be used for jewelry. But who knows Johnson Matthey and DeBeers Inc. have done some marvelous things in the past.

Tubalcain 2,   welcome to the I forge Iron "Technology Enthusiasts" subgroup. You are a most welcome addition to our group.

Best regards,


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