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finish's and coatings

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Hey guys so I am trying to experiment with different coatings and such, I have tried ceracoat wich I like the options everything from black or earth colors even bright colors, however I would like it to be a lil more durable, I had tried that specificly because I figured regular paint would wear and scratch off pretty quick. yes it is more durable than spray paint and more even profeshional look but I wish it was alil bit more durable has any one used this is there any tricks to get it wear less? what about dura coat ?? I haven't tried that is it any better, I also did one or 2 blades cold blue and its ok, I sand blasted one knife, I am just playing around right now and am tring to find some cool finishes/ coatings. I have had a couple people that I had made knives for like the idea of the cera coat but I don't know if I would want to do that and sell it unless I found a way to make it more durable, I guess sand blasting would be the most durable but I only did one blade that way a couple days ago and from what I hear it can make the blade rust and corrode a lot quicker. does any one out there either have any ideas of how to improve with my experimenting or even OTHER coatings or finishes I may not of mentioned ???  just trying to experiment and see different options like I said I have had a couple people say a black blade would look cool and others say colors would look good but right now I cant get it to meet my standards, I have a lil pocket knife made by Kershaw that has some kind of black paint or coating on it and this thing has been abused soo much for years and not even a scratch that's what I am looking for but that may take a whole bunch of equipment that I don't have and is only realistic on a manufacturing level, but any coating or finishes I may not have mentioned and you guys would think its worth trying please let me know ....THANKS GUYS

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Parkerizing and plating come to mind.  However if it's going to be a using blade then a coating will get worn over time,  

Have you thought any of patination where further use just helps the process along.  Some interesting work has been done with mustard (search on mustard and patina and knife or blade for some examples---or just patina and steel to see what else is available.)

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