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Pig themed kitchen knife and cutting board

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San mai blade of 1095 core, random pattern shell, and pure nickle shims. Bolster and butt cap are 3D printed cast copper, designed to sport a pigs head and squiggly tail. The cutting board and knife holder was made by Eugene Manigo, owner of Kambui Custom Craft in Brooklyn - both the board and handle are reclaimed walnut and teak with new purpleheart.


This is the first completed knife using my friend and fellow knifemaker's, Jann Muchnikoph, 23 ton press; what a wonderful tool!

Comments and critique always welcome,


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Thank you guys! 

The head does not open bottles, but that would have been sick.

The ring would have also been a neat idea, oh well, next time

I think this is my best one yet too... until this upcoming bowie, but you'll have to wait another week or so for that one ;P

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and there's me, messin' about with little vises. What a beautiful piece of work and to combine master metalworking with master woodworking-truly a triumphant piece. Superb and bravo boys. That is what you call bringing home the bacon. Only someone unsighted could criticise it and only then because they couldn't see it. Tom.

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