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Knife makers in whom you look up to or strive to mimic


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Who is your favorite knife maker that you secretly admire and or hope to be as good as 1 day.    my secret zen master would have to be Thomas Rucker, I follow his work on Facebook and personally think he is by far the best I've seen.      of course opinions will vary depending on taste, I like the old world rough forged looking blades.     Just curious to know.

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Good  afternoon 

Thanks for responding to  my  thread, I have taken the time to look at each knife maker listed and might I say wow, there are some beautiful pieces of art to be found in each makers bag. Amazing to see how many styles and shapes and attention to detail even to the tiniest piece can be incorporated into a simple blade.       cool stuff.      


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That's one of the great things about custom knives: They can be approached from so many different directions, with different intentions, and if done right, all approaches will make a good knife.  Everyone uses knives, everyone has a slightly different taste and interpretation.  It's a versatile art form focused on one of the most primal tools and weapons mankind has.

Some other names to looks at in the style you mentioned:  John Cohea, Levi Graham, Gib Guignard, Chuck Burrows, Wade Hougham, Tobin Nieto

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 Chuck Burrows was listed above, but I thought he was a leather worker and not a bladesmith. Arguably the best that ever was at recreating frontier sheaths, belts, holsters and other related items. His work looked correct for the period and had a used but well cared for appearance. I thought from what I had read on bladeforums.com a long, long time ago that he just did that and not knives.  He collaborated with Ken Beatty and other bladesmiths.  Gib Guignard mentioned by Stormcrow above with Burrows was another.  All three have passed as near as I can tell.

I should have found the money back then.  


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