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Cool, thanks JHCC!

Maybe someone has used it on skin over a longer period. The article only mentions briefly that a diluted version can cancel out acidic influences from the skin, but it sounds more like he talked about finger prints and such, not long term contact like in a bracelet.


Anyways, at least it seems I can use it as rust protection for the most part, which is nice. Thanks again!

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The staining might be a problem, true. Don't know about the oily feeling though. I sprayed the cross, wiped off the excess and didn't have that feeling while handling it afterwards. But maybe that's just me.

Yeah, the smell fresh out of the can is weird. But I had the impression it's hard to detect once it's on the piece and not in the air anymore. What does your wife say at that stage? My sister didn't complain about it on the cross.

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Don't know, I only used it once on an old flintlock muzzleloader I restored and left it in the garage for a couple of months. I can say this it gummed up the lock to the point the cock wouldn't fall until I cleaned it and oiled it with 3 in 1 oil. I still have the full can so I'll try it on a bottle opener I just made.

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