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I Forge Iron

Side draft success


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Made it up from scrap I had laying around. The only purchased parts were two lengths of 10" dia pipe and a collar (almost made that too but it was too easy to buy with the pipe). Instead of welding I made the box with some 20 gauge bent it up on my $50  Harbor Freight 30" bender (which I modified into a finger brake) and screwed it together. Made the extension hood with some 16 gauge which I bent up as well and the angle irons made from splitting some scrap 16g square tubing. (Due to the shape and design of the barrel forge it needed the extension to get close to the fire) The box is bolted to a tray I made that sits on the edge of the barrel just like a food tray sits on your car window at Tastee Freeze (remember those days?) I made the tray from an old electrical panel door.

When it was calm it worked perfectly and sucked up all the smoke. Later when some breezes stirred up I grabbed some scrap and made a temporary fix. 

Next episode will be my wind dam.

2016-11-07 19.19.58.jpg

2016-11-13 13.34.31.jpg

2016-11-13 13.36.27.jpg

2016-11-13 13.34.23.jpg

2016-11-13 14.19.31.jpg

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