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Hello all

Logan Bryant

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Howdy; stop by Saturday I'm planning to fire up the forge!   (As so many questions in blacksmithing/bladesmithing have a location component we suggest that folks edit their profile to put in a general location---and yes I'm planning to fire up the forge Saturday and you are welcome to stop by!  I'm at my southern location just outside of El Paso)

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Hi, Logan; welcome to IFI!

Couple of things.

First, as noted above, please do put your location in your profile. That will help people connect with you and give intelligent answers to questions affected by geography.

Second, one of the most important things you can do on IFI is to do your research before asking questions, and that means doing a LOT of reading. As folks like to say here, get a cold beverage and a supply of snacks and read EVERYTHING that catches your eye. It's rare that a question hasn't been answered before, and reading over the threads where people hash things out can be very illuminating.

Third, a word of warning: the folks on IFI include some of the crankiest curmudgeons you will ever meet. This is how to deal with them: (1) respect their experience, (2) respect their time, and (3) do your research (see above). If you ask an intelligent question that shows you've done your homework (and aren't just trying to get approval for some silly idea or aren't asking the same basic question they've already answered a thousand times), they will gladly share everything they know. Do not do these things, and prepare to meet their wrath. (Also, don't take the wrath too personally. Some of them just have short fuses but are still great folks.)

Fourth, a pro tip on doing your research. The search function for the forum software is sub-par, and you will do much better by doing a google search for what you want and including "iforgeiron" as one of your search terms. Trust me on this one.

Fifth, (and this is not IFI-specific), find your local blacksmithing association or ABANA affiliate. They will help you with instruction and the like in your area.

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Why I met Steve face to face at Quad-State and picked up a copy of his book on making knives and the bruises are just to the "pretty like sunset" phase...

(good thing I wore my boots today as it's getting a tad deep in here...  Most smiths I have met I'd be willing to hand them my wallet if they came up and asked for it---but I would NOT turn my back on them if they were holding a hose!)

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