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Need Help - Blower ID

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Good Afternoon!

I found the following blower on CL.  It was actually posted as a part of a larger blacksmiths set (Anvil, tongs, Leg vice and this blower) all for $950. I can't afford to pick up the whole set so I called and asked the seller what he wanted for just the blower.  He had not priced out the individual items and would not be back until the 15th.  It sounds like he is willing to work with me but from the pictures it is hard to tell what the blower is and as I said he will not be back for a couple of weeks to send me a better picture.  If possible can someone please look at this and attempt to tell me what type of blower it is and possibly what would be a fare offer if it works.

Thank you,




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Looks like it is a Champion 400. If it is they are great blowers. Looks like all it's missing are the legs and they are just pipe that's bent out at the bottom.  I would check functionality and how it sounds before you negotiate on price tho. 

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i agree with daswulf on the champion #400. that was there flagship line of blowers. when you go to look at it, bring some chainsaw bar oil. if it makes any grinding sounds, try oiling it and seeing if it helps.it could just be that it is dry. after that, if it makes any other sound than a soft wurr, i wouldn't mess with it. like TP said, you don't want to get tangled up in gear replacement.

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If it sounds quiet and feels smooth, it is a safe bet to say 150.00-200.00

If it is rough, then you will need to buy another in good shape to fix that one. So, maybe 75.00 if it's poor.


You have opportunity for the mounting. That is worth quite a lot if it's not cracked. You don't see them often. You need pipe legs for that and they are available from any fabrication shop.

Forge stuff 005.jpg

BSing stuff 011.jpg

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