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A few quick vise handle questions

Mark Ling

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So i dont open new thread.
Wich steel is good for vice handle (my machinist vise) 

I used rebar it bend too much .

What is good so it wont bend, coil spring?


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I've never bent the handle on a bench vise! How tight are you trying to clamp stuff? Coil spring steel should be more than stiff enough, even normalized.

I suspect vise handles bend as a safety device so people don't break hard to replace parts of the vise by over tightening them. I could be wrong of course but I've watched too many guys put a cheater pipe of vise handles when just bouncing their body weight was tighter than necessary. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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My old post vises had quite soft real wrought iron handles. My new ones seem to be mild steel.

Like Frosty, I think that the handle bending is a feature and not a bug---easy to straighten a handle; hard to replace a screwbox!

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