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I Forge Iron

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Never used one, but it appears to be an older Harbor Freight, back when they made them out of cast steel.   The anvils they have now are cast iron in keeping with the the quality of the rest of their products. I think it should be a decent anvil to start out on, definitely not forged steel though.


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For $299.97 for a 115 pound anvil that makes it $2.61 per pound plus shipping. That one is sold.

The new listings are $325 and $340 for the 115 anvil or $2.82 and $2.95 per pound. For just under $3 a pound plus shipping, I would like to see a name on the side of the anvil and to be able to do a ball bearing bounce test.

Take $3 a pound to Quad State in the fall and I am sure you can choose from many anvils, that have names stamped into the side of the anvil. Names you recognize as being good anvils.


Give Thomas Powers a wish list and he can find you a bargain anvil in short order. After all he invented the TPAAAT technique. (grin)

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I just found a fellow selling a mouse hole for 3.00 but the face has a chunk missing. I told him  one dollar cuz it he damaged. So he said $125.00 and I bought it for that (1.45/pound ) because it was only 1.45. I think ill keep it.

 They are out there. But most are 3.00 to 4.00

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