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I am in the burbs out of Chicago IL

I have been trying to find some where or someone to learn how to blacksmith. I am hoping to find a place that's open weekends due to work I only have weekends off.

I am looking for any classes, workshops, someone who has a shop that would be into trade labor for teaching. 

Thanks in advance for anyone who helps me out. 

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23 hours ago, ede said:

Are you close to Sugar Grove?    http://illinoisblacksmith.org/?page_id=15

From the quick glance at this site I pretty much have to become a member? I am ok with throwing the $20 for the member ship. Just wondering if you have any more info before I do that. From the sounds of it they meet every 3ed Saturday but it didn't say if we can just come with nothing and learn. 

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In my opinion, becoming a member of an Abana affiliate will give you the best exposure to blacksmithing for the money.  At least the local one by me, Balcones Forge, is an active affiliate.  The people in these organizations are generally salt of the earth type.  It will provide a place for networking, just get out there and introduce yourself, watch some demos, talk with people, make use of their library, and doors will eventually open up.  You'll hear about workshops and people might even invite you to try out forging at their smithy. 


Hope this helps. 

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