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I Forge Iron

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I'm from WI and live in TX. I'm in a law enforcement career and took up smithing as a hobby among many others. Bladesmithing is a passion and I love the work that goes into making them. Fairly new to it all since I've been at it for about a month, but I'm already learning so much. 

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Welcome aboard . . .Hooba?:huh:  Glad to have you. Ditto Charles, thanks for doing the job you do, it's not like LEO gets called out to BBQs or pool parties after all. My hat is off to everybody who runs towards danger.

Are you set up to forge or are doing stock removal? either way there is a huge amount of related info in the Iforge sections devoted to those crafts. If you do some reading it'll give you a handle on what the local guys call things and who's who. Being able to ask good questions is as or more important than having folk around willing to answer them.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Sorry yall, I do appreciate the welcome and thank yous, i forgot i posted this lol!

I prefer to forge using wood charcoal. Was going to go gas forge but I like the aesthetic of using charcoal. I already learned and applied a lot from what I've read from here. 

Thanks again and be safe!


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