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Tru-Grit & Peterman Lumber ! A+++

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Well I took some people's advice. Looked up and ordered Norton Blaze and Cubitron 2x72 sanding belts...

And figured I would swing by Lumber yard and ask for a deal on some cutting scraps...

Found out the place I ordered from is close by about a hour away....Tru-Grit (.com)...

So I figured I would swing by and pick up my order...they said they would refund me my shipping or give me store credit.

Well I walked in and it was like a office and desk....very small looking place...wasn't sure I was in right place. They told me go ahead on back into the warehouse section...I was greeted a second and then a 3rd time.. Told them I was there to pick up a order. They had it ready in a couple minutes...THEY GAVE ME EVEN MORE CREDIT THAN I WAS ENTITLED! AND SEEMED HAPPY TO DO IT....Then I recieved EXCELLENT service in my looking for other belts and was offered great advice WITHOUT upselling me!

I cannot tell you how great it was to go there...they had a $change issue on my extra purchase...I ask just throw me another belt in if it helped...THEY UPSIZED ME AND GAVE ME 2 MORE GOOD BELTS!! So I spent about $60 bucks on 5 belts online ordering....but while I was there I left with 16 belts with only $25 extra out of pocket....


Then I went to Peterman Lumber...asked for some scrap hard wood they were awesome...they kept looking around for me, just to add to my pile and charged me the same for what I wanted for $30. See pics...I even got 4 huge thick slabs of Mesquite they added before I all kinds Black Walnut, Mesquite, Mahogony, and a few other odd name woods...THEY SAID I WAS MORE THAN WELCOME TO COME BACK AND WILL GLADY HOOK UP ME AGAIN...

Today was a good day....Nothing but good things to say about these two places!


Anyone who is in CA...I would recommend you swing by these places if any of this stuff interests you.




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TRUE_GRIT is a great place to buy from..when i lived in san diego i bought way over $10,000.- over time and even now that im in tn i ordered from them this week even with shipping across country ill buy from them as they know knives also . 

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