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Swedish "Star"


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This little anvil passed through my hands recently, and I wanted to document it in case anyone else stumbles across a similar one. I know they've been discussed here before, but nothing in the reviews. So here's some fresh info.

Stamped "90 lbs Made in Sweden"  with a small star with either a crown or fleur de lis inside the star. Definitely cast steel. Weighed in at 90.8#

3/4" hardy hole. This had seen some honest work done on it, one side was chipped the entire length. Plenty of punches made on this little guy as evidenced by the almost complete obliteration of the marking.

This is probably made by Soderfors, having the distinctive flats on the feet. It did not however have any of the other "usual" markings. I swear I've seen an old advert with the name "northern star" and these markings.

So, REVIEW! Like any cast Swede, this thing rings like a clarion bell. Rebound is excellent 95%+. While you can clearly see the casting lines under the horn and heel, it doesn't detract from the excellent quality of these anvils. Even a 90# like this will move metal like you wouldn't believe.

Lesson, cast + made in Sweden = perfection!

P.S. I passed this on to a budding smith nearby.






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The Anvil appears to be a Swedish North Star anvil. These anvils were imported to the U.S. directly from Kohlswa thru the Swedish-American Steel Corp. Which was located in Trenton N.J.  Most of these have the actual weight stamped on them in Lbs. I currently own 2 of these, a superb 96 pounder and a 117 pound beauty. These also normally have a date code embossed on the feet although some runs had a date code on the underside of the horn. Hope this info helped.


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Welcome aboard TonyO, have you read this yet? READ THIS FIRST  It will help you get the best out of the forum. Pictures of your anvil will help ID it. Also knowing where in the world you are located will help, hence the suggestion to edit your profile to show location.

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