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for those who sell their knives.....

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just seen this thread is still going...i learned exactly what you were saying yesterday i will explain,, so in the past when i show a knife to anyone who ever is around my mother my sister whoever, even when i know there is a flaw in it MOST of the time they don't even notice it but i know its there because number one i put it there i built it i know exactly how everything SHOULD go and when it doesn't i take notice even if no one else will. so yesterday i went to the new York custom knife show (my first time there it was great met a lot of good people and got advice and criticism on some knives of mine i brought with me) anyway one knife i did is completely a "show" knife its a mirror polished dagers with front and rear bolsters. so the front bolsters have a point in the shape of a triangle mimicking the shape of the dagger itself well lets say getting that point to the exact same shape and direction on both front bolsters and getting them mounted PERFECTLY identical to each other was a pain (i actually grinded off the first pair i made) the second pair after a bunch of tweeking were "acceptable" but in my book one side the point points dead center down the blade the other side is off a tiny bit probilly 1/16th of a in MAYBE IF THAT. but let me tell you it has bothered me since i made it. well i was talking to 2 makers at the show and one had 16 years and the other 11 years of making knives i showed them this dagger and asked whats wrong with it they couldn't tell not even after i pointed it out and one said "your being ridiculous the only way any one would know is to sit down for a hour with it with precise measuring tools"  so point is exactly what you were saying frosty OUR tolerances for our self can get so high that even another maker that has ALOT more experience than i do cant pick out a mistake that drove me crazy for weeks, i have learned a lot since i started this thread about pricing and realizing that the perfect knife may never exsist and at least for me i gota stop being my own worst critic cause that just gets me stuck and frustrated and then i make even more mistakes

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